Roller skiing & cross-country skiing camps 

As a partner of our guesthouse, the Klingenthal Ski School, a specialised ski school for cross-country skiing, together with the roller ski professional, invites you to various camps in winter for cross-country skiing in skating and classic technique, and in summer for roller skiing and cross-skating. 

Experienced cross-country skiing instructors and sports science graduates are on hand to guide participants and are aimed at beginners and advanced skiers. In the theory sessions, participants learn interesting facts about biomechanics, the training process, running technique, equipment and competition. In the practical sessions, running technique is trained and optimised. With individual video analysis directly on the course and scientific evaluation in the evening, learning progress is guaranteed in every performance area. Further information on the content and dates can be found at

Pension Kammloipe

Inhaber: Kathrin Tröschel

Waldstraße 6

08248 Klingenthal/Mühlleithen


Telefon  037465 401862

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